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If you had no skills, Creating Traffic, is the one should have.

If you had the choice to only learn about one thing in the online business space, in traditional business, or in life, what would that be? My answer: Creating Traffic!

  • S. G. Maralani, Oct 21 · 9 minute read

  • Groove CRM, provided by Groove Digital Inc. (get your free account here) is a suite of software tools built into one single platform enabling solopreneurs and small businesses manage almost all they need using this one single solution.

    Decide within this year, before it becomes too late. Read This Article!

    But why would you need to decide so fast? Because, if you read this article and then decide this is something for you, the one-time Lifetime Platinum license of Groove is only available till December 2021.

    From next year, you need to pay a subscription of USD 299 per month. But within next few weeks, you can upgrade your free account to unlock all the features on Groove today, and all what they will add to it over next months and years, for a one-time payment of $1,997. This will be a LIFETIME ACCESS without any monthly or other form of payment whatsoever.

    But dot not upgrade before you read through all this article. 

    But why you should not upgrade your account yet.

    You need to be sure Groove is what you need

    You need to know if this software is capable of doing what it promisses

    You need to see some examples of how Groove can power your business

    And only then, you may decide to upgrade to lifetime platinum...

    What is Groove?

    The first question you need to ask, is what is Groove? Groove is a suite of no-code software that can enable a wide range of business needs.

    No-code software, or as sometimes called, No-code development platform (NCDPs) allow non-programmers to create application through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

    Using a no-code software, you basically design a software you need like you design a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, dragging and dropping items to your canvas, and typing in your content.

    These platforms have both increased in popularity as businesses want to build their needed applications without depending on software developers.

    But it does not end there. No-code software development platforms have proven their importance not only in the corporate world, but they have also found their way to the world of solo entrepreneurs and very small businesses.

    What can you do with Groove?

    Using Groove, you can build a website for your business, in few minutes. GroovePages provides tens of high-quality templates for different niches that you can use to create a webpage, or a complete website, with few clicks. When done, you can always modify, adjust, and enhance it as much as you want. 

    You can also create Blogs using GrooveBlog. GrooveBlog works very similar to GroovePages. You can integrate your business, or other websites with you Blog using different methods in Groove.

    Marketing Funnels and Automations are a great part of Groove platform. Using GrooveFunnels, GrooveSell, GrooveMail and GrooveAutomations, you can build marketing funnels, define Digital or Physical Products in there, create different Automation, including Marketing email sequences and more, using these four components of Groove.

    More than half of online businesses are online stores, i.e. webshops. GrooveKart is Groove's built-in solution with all the needed functionality to build and operate a webshop. GrooveKart can also integrate with your website, Blog, marketing funnels, and process automations you have built using other components of Groove.

    More and more businesses rely on Automatic Webinars or Live Stream, to engage with their audience and to promote their offerings. GrooveWebinar and GrooveStream, are the two components of Groove, which enable you run automatic as well as live webinars.

    You can use GrooveVideo to enable you to engage even more with your audience. Groove Video is a smart video hosting solution built into Groove platform. You keep your marketing videos, your webinars, and other type of videos in there. But that is not all!

    Using GrooveVideo, you can program certain behavior, and call-to-actions (CTA) based on the activity and engagement of your audience. You can for example program a screen and action button to appear, right at the moment you mention the value of your offering, to maximize the conversion rate.

    There are many other components of Groove. To learn more about them, visit this page.

    But then, why would you hate Groove?

    If you asked me this question back in 2020, I had a different answer. Groove was in beta. There were a lot of promises. But the software was full of bugs. Who did join Groove back then knew, that there is a long way to go.

    But things started to change. Over last one year, more and more components of Groove were released. Bugs were resolved. Functionalities got enhanced. New concepts were introduced. The training material got completed. And the user interface (UI) became great. That is why, Mike Filsaime and his team thought, it is about the time to move away from a Life-Time Offer of $1,397, and introduce the last chance for a Life-Time License, but this time for $1,997, and only till end of 2021.

    Groove claims that by completion of the few remaining components, Groove suite of products will replace ClickFunnels, Wix or SquareSpace, ActiveCampaign, SamCart or Infusionsoft, ClickBank TapAffiliates, Kajabi or Thinkific, Vimeo or Vistia, Shopify or WooCommerce, WordPress, EverWebinar, GoToWebinar or WebinarJam, StreamYard, ZenDesk or HelpScout, LeadQuizzes ResponseSuite, UseProof or Proovely, Multi-vendor App Store and Marketplace, Marketing and Automation, while giving access to over 50,000 Affiliates.

    What they claim, is a very huge promise.

    Mike Filsaime Explains Groove's Success:

    Here is the what Mike Filaime, co-founders and the CEO of Groove Digital has to say, explaining about the vision and the success of Groove.

    Should you believe what he says?

    To a large extent, yes. I have personally been testing Groove since more than a year. As I wrote before, things have changed. Over last one year, Groove has moved from an ambitious project with the crazy idea of replacing more than 20 software online entrepreneurs use, to a reality which is not that far from Mike’s original ambition.

    Personally, I have waited for a while, but since few months, I have moved my own websites and Blog from WordPress to Groove, and it does the Job. But why did I do that?

    Why would you move to Groove?

    The moment I decided to move my websites from WordPress to Groove, there were these benefits I could get from Groove.

    #1 Ease of use and greater look and feel

    #2 No need for any installations or security tools

    #3 Getting rid of updates and breaking plug-ins

    #4 Free account, free hosting, and free tools 

    It's Working For Thousands!

    I was of course not the first one to switch. But what I have observed, the speed in which users bring their main content to Groove has just exploded. You see more and more solopreneurs, and small businesses move their content to Groove. Seeing this, and with the completion of other modules such as GrooveBlog and GrooveSell, I have moved my Blog as well as my Funnels.

    What is not working, yet?

    Groove is in the last miles of its beta version. This means that there are still issues and bugs. One day the Blog does not load. You wonder why? Then you think, I just go there and push the publish button. Bingo! Your Blog is back! The other day you see your website does not load. Then you go in and check. Nothing wrong. After few minutes, it is up again. And the speed of GrooveBlog compared to GroovePages, is something which still needs improvement.

    On marketing funnel and email automations, there was a failure in the first attempt by Groove, which the people long enough with Groove know about. Now Groove is in the second attempt trying all their best to lauch something great. But even a simple side hustle as an author and coach like me, can not depend on GrooveMail and GrooveAutomation yet. For the time being, and I think for another year or two, I will stick to my ActiveCampaign account.

    You will figure out some other issues. GrooveMember is far from what for example Teachable can do. It is buggy, less intuitive, and with limited functionality.

    Ease of use with drag and drop
    Greater look with modern templates
    No need for any installation of plug-ins
    No need for any security tools like JetPack
    Free account, free hosting and tools to start
    All your business systems under one roof (18+ Apps)
    Integration with many other applications in case you want

    With a Life Time Platinum Upgrade:

    - Unlimited sites
    - Unlimited webshops
    - Unlimited funnels
    - Unlimited everything!


    Still in beta (but you get life time)
    Few bugs here and there
    GrooveBlog is still slow
    GrooveMember not yet complete
    GrooveMail still to be improved
    You need to wait few months to have all fixed

    Same users

    Key Questions to be Answered before you decide

    Q: Is it worth the investment?

    It is free! Get your free account registered irrespective of any decision you take. If you do not upgrade, you can still do almost all you can with the platinum account, but with limitations in number of sites and so on.  

    Q: Would you upgrade?

    I did upgrade more than a year ago, and I am very happy I did. If you want to upgrade, do it now. Do not wait. I personally believe Groove will become the number one software in all the domains it is entering, specifically for a certain audience such as solo entrepreneurs, and small online businesses who want a solution to do all they need under one roof.

    These types of companies will be more than happy to pay $299 a month. But you do not need to. Upgrading for one-time payment of $1,997 is equivalent of subscription you will need to pay for 200 days. Paying equivalent of subscription for two hundred days in advance, you will save ten to twenty times of this amount if you continue to use Groove for another five to ten years.

    Q: Will Groove be enabling more than one business?

    Absolutely yes. Even with free account you can built three sites as an example. But if you upgrade, you have unlimited everyting which means that you can use your Groove Life Time Platinum account to manage more than one business, which can be yours or of others. This enables you to turn to become also a digital agency helping others to digitalize their small businesses, using Groove. This additional income can soon become tens of times of what you have paid for your lifetime account.

    Q: So, what should I do now?

    Create a free account right away. Then play with it and try to learn how it works. You can start building your first website on Groove by less than ten clicks. Then think if you can move your business, or build an online business, or offer digital agency type of services to others, based on a Lifetime Platinum Groove Account. If so, upgrading in January next year is too late. You do not want to pay almost 300 dollar a month when you can pay 2000 now and nothing else in future, for what you get with the lifetime platinum account, and all its future development which is promised to be absolutely free for Platinum Members.

    Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

    Overall Rating


    Ease Of Use
    Value For Money

    I did upgrade. YES!

    In summary, Groove is a great platform which will dominate its space over next ten years. You will be able to make money using Groove even from today.

    One of the important ways to earn money right from today, is to use Groove's Affiliate Program. Unlike other affiliate programs, Groove offers a free affiliate membership to all users the moment they join for free, or for a paid account. Paying users (lifetime) get twice as much affiliate fee for what they are able to sell.

    How To Join Groove and its Affiliate Program?

    That's super easy!

    Step 1: You should register for your free account on Groove's official website here >>

    Step 2: If you want to get the limited time offer of Lifetime Platinum Account, upgrade your account after your purchase, or on their official website here >>

    Step 3: There is no other step! You are in, and you are in the Affiliate Program as well. If you have upgraded to lifetime platinum account, you get 40% affiliate fees, instead of 20%.

    Get Your Free Groove Account or Upgrade to LifeTime Platinum!

    Click the button below and get your account built in one minute and build your first website, while you coffee is still hot.

    Register Now!


    Get double (40%) affiliate fees instead of twenty percent, if you upgrade to Groove Lifetime Platinum Account! I highly recommend placing your order fast before the opportunity ends in December!

    Click here to Upgrade and Get 40% Affiliate Commission.

    NOTE: The opportunity to upgrade is only available until December 2021.

    Here're The Bonuses That You Get When You Order Your FREE Groove Account and Register for Affiliate Marketing Webinar Today!

    Bonus #1: Business Build Guide

    This 37 pages Online Business Build Guide is your start point in learning, ideating, and creating an online business. Its simple, but step-by-step approach helps you learn the basics in about an hour.

    ($100 Value)

    Bonus #2: Top Affiliate Programs

    You will get a curated list of Affiliate Programs you can join today. This list is what I keep updating regularly and has the knowledge I have gained over years in it.

    ($1,000 Value)

    The Total Value Of The Bonuses Amounts To More Than $1,100 In Absolute Value!

    So...What's The Catch?

    I know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something "too good to be true" for free, but then asks you to buy some additional product in order to fully utilize your freebie. Well, this isn't one of those websites, and I'm not going to stick you any program. I'm offering this because I genuinely want you to succeed with Groove and Affiliate Marketing, and take it's advantage to grow your business. 

    • You will learn how to build online businesses and wil be advocate of my methods and tools

    • You will learn to use Groove which I advocate for and use this great software to build your business

    • You get new ideas on what else you can build using 17 apps in Groove and become my advocates

    • You will join my tribe and contribute enhancing the knowledge we share with each other further

    The Free Bonuses Worth $1,100

    Get this book today!

    Want to learn even more?

    I'd like you to succeed even faster. Get a Copy of my Amazon best-seller book, at a discounted price.

    Yes! I Want To Master GrooveFunnels

    You pay only $3.99 for Kindle eBook version (Available also on Apple Books and as Paperback)

    Recent Comments (3)

    Kane W.

    Groove has come a long way. You would love it. But you will hate if you learn on first of January that you have not got a lifetime license. Few issues here and there. But when is finalized later this year, it is going to be really a killer.

    Mike E.

    I have migrated most of my online business from Wix and couple of other platforms to Groove. There is a learning curve. But you soon realize everything you need is around. When they compelte the GrooveMail, I will start to save couple of hundred dollars a month, as I will move all my marketing funnels into Groove.

    Edward V.

    I am a teacher. I do provide assistance to people who have difficulty with learning. Building a complete online presence did cost me zero using Groove. I may or may not upgrade to the lifetime version. But I am so far happy with what I have built.

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