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Is Affiliate Marketing not a scam?

There is a lot of talk about Affiliate Marketing in the world of Online Businesses, especially for Solo Entrepreneurs. But is affiliate marketing not a scam? 

  • S. G. Maralani, Oct 15 · 9 minute read

  • There are several unearthed ways of making money online. One of the most famous: Affiliate Marketing. But what is affiliate marketing and is it even a real business model?

    Before listening to promoters or detractors of Affiliate Marketing, Read This Article!

    Affiliate Marketing is making use of affiliation (kind of collaboration) to gain commission on products produced, or services delivered, by others.

    Companies eye influence as a method to effectively advertise and increase the reach to consumers, hence making use of the advertising model to market the products or services in exchange for a commission per sale.

    The Affiliate (usually an individual) uses his or her channels to promote, leading the buyer to the company through a link or a purchase code. The company then would account for a percentage of the sale as the affiliate’s commission.

    But why would a company pay Affiliates to promote its products, while they already invested heavily in their marketing and advertising? 

    For various reasons:

    Customers, don't trust Ads anymore. They want to also see social proof.

    The relevant marketing channels are not the same in all sectors and niches.  

    Affiliate Marketing has zero marketing cost until their goods are sold.

    People listen to others, read reviews, hear from their friends and strangers. Affiliate Marketing uses the exact phenomenon and turns it into a structured process benefiting from word of mouth, in form of social proof. For this reason, affiliates are not in place of, but exactly part of the overal marketing strategy and budget of companies.

    The traditional marketing channels like TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Magazines, and so on are both costly, but also not relevant for certain sectors and niches. A typical Online Business fan spends almost no time in front of a TV watching commercials.

    Affiliate commissions are usually a percentage (anything between 5-50%) of the sales value. But they are only paid, after the sales is realized. As result, although the companies do whatever in their power to enable their affiliates succeed (win-win), but they only pay them after the sales is realized. As you know, that is not the case when they do traditional advertising. 

    What are the advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

    For affiliates, they can make money while they sleep. You read this right. It sounds like a dream, but it is possible. Your affiliate links and your webshop are accessible 24/7 to your potential market online, giving you a high opportunity to earn.

    However, your work should focus on building the quality of your website or webshop. Both these business models offer flexibility, but it is best not to forget how your sales rely on the hard work you put into advertising and promoting the products. There is nothing such as passive money.

    What are the disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing?

    Income may be huge but is not steady and may not be stable. It is a fact, especially when you just started. It may also require you to allocate some money for ads to effectively and widely promote at first. In affiliate marketing, the commission conditions may change too. You will have to rely on the company’s terms and conditions as you have no control of their affiliate offers.

    These business models could be key for you to jumpstart to entrepreneurship or a way for you to start earning a passive income. You could test the waters and see if you could press on the ups and downs of affiliate marketing. Killing it does not come overnight. In whatever business method, hard work remains vital.

    Where can you learn the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing?

    First of all, by fundamentals, I don't mean basics. If you want to make something meaningful out of any business model, you need to go fully in. Hence, my recommendation would be to learn about Affiliate Marketing from the best of the best. Then decide if Affiliate Marketing is something for you. And if yes, then learn from someone who is doing it properly, and 'killing it already'.

    I did the same. I have spent two years learning about Affiliate Marketing, and other Online Business Models. I read more than twenty books, listened to more than five hundred podcast episodes, and attended tens of events live or later during covid restrictions, online.

    I came to realize, there are people who mean it, and there are people who pretend to know the domain. As I wrote in the introduction of my book "Build an Online Business In 24 Hours", if you choose the wrong offers, the only guarantee is that you will lose your money.

    How should you find reliable sources to learn Affiliate Marketing?

    First of all, you need to know that any Online Business, only works if you have the right business model and the right software. But the challenge is, that most of the guru's in the market try to sell you their software and solution, before they help you learn the fundamentals.


    I have spent long hours and many weekends, learning this stuff. What I found out, is that you do want to start with minimum investment possible, especially in the beginning. Do not be tricked to purchase the next offer you are given.

    There will be tools and solutions you need to invest in. But you do not need them upon start. Do not let yourself into the game of next SLO (Shiny Little Object).

    As a matter of fact, the first software, and perhaps for a long time, the only one you may need when starting to learn and build an online business is a website builder. As you grow you will need more tools. But for now, use a website builder which can do what you need.

    I have looked into different platforms. During my exploration, looking at the top nine to ten best website builders fit for solopreneurs, digital marketters and ecommerce folk, I came across Groove.

    Groove is a No-Code Software with which you can build almost any form of online business, without knowing how to code! Using Groove, you can build a website for your business, in few minutes. You can build Websites, Blogs, Marketing Funnels, Email Automations, Webshops, Automated or Live Webinars, Automated Call-To-Actions built into your Videos, and much more. And...

    The start version of Groove is FREE.

    That is why I said, do not pay money just like that. Wait! Then first step, before somebody selling you some software to build your Affiliate Marketing business, register for a free account on Groove and never upgrade to a paid version, unless you really need to do so.

    Get Your Free Groove Account or Upgrade to LifeTime Platinum!

    Click the button below and get your account built in one minute and build your first website, while you coffee is still hot.

    Register Now!

    Ok, You claimed your Free Groove Account. Now what?

    There are different ways to start your journey.

    First, is to try to learn by yourself. Browse internet, watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, read books, and so on. That is time consuming.

    Second is to go and spend thousands of dollars on super expensive courses offered by gurus. But then, what is the guarantee that you will make any money?

    And third option, which I highly recommend is to start for free, but have an eye on when is the moment you need to learn fast. I have collected a lot of valuable sources in the free companion course of my book. You may want to take a look. 

    What if you want to achieve guaranteed results faster?

    I believe you can achieve guaranteed results fast. But not overnight. Building any business, including an online one, demands time and effort. But to work with the right people and the right tools can save you years of trial and error.

    But what do you need to achieve guaranteed results faster?

    #1 A solution which is free to start, but capable to support when you grow.  

    #2 Learn Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing from an active expert.

    #3 Having support along the way, as you grow and have new questions.

    #4 Proof that others have used the same solution and succeeded.

    Where did I learn myself Affiliate Marketing?

    As I mentioned, everywhere. I read many books, attended various courses, listened to tens of podcasts in this domain. But one offering which I came across, did catch my attention.

    First, because it used free version of Groove as the tool you needed to use.

    Second, thought Fundamentals from the very basic to a very advanced level.

    Thirds, because it was not only a course, but a program you could go all the way through and stay in touch and ask your questions and get great support in finding your way and the solution to your problem.

    And last but not least, there were many successful Affiliate Marketters using the solution and making multiple six figures.

    Do you want to learn more about the program I used to learn Affiliate Marketing?

    If you want to learn more about the program I used to build my affiliate marketing business, go through these steps:

    1. Register for your Free Groove Account.

    2. Send me a message here so that I can send you the link to a free webinar where you can learn about the solution I have used.

    Two Step Process

    Step 1 - Register your Free Groove Account.

    Register Now!

    Step 2 - Send request for more info on Affiliate Marketing program I used.

    Register Now!

    Key Questions you want to be answered.

    Q: Is Affiliate Marketing a legitimate business?

    Yes. Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate marketing channel for thousands of companies as well as solo entrepreneurs. You can learn affiliate marketing and use it either as the only online business you do, or as part of a portfolio of offerings.

    Q: Can I do Affiliate Marketing next to my job?

    Yes. If you choose the product or the service you are offering correctly, you can do this next to your job. First, you do not want to choose a product from a competitor of the company you work for or you are a shareholder of. Second, you do not want to choose something you do not know anything about, or not interested to learn about. The best is to choose something you are using yourself, or can become a customer of it before recommending it to others.

    Q: What do I need to be able to start Affiliate Marketing?

    Four things. A laptop. A stable Internet connection. A Software to run your affiliate marketing on it. Learning about Affiliate Marketing.

    Q: Do I need a storage space, if I sell physical products?

    No. You do not need any space as Affiliate Programs are a way for you to help the companies sell their products. They will manage the whole delivery process.

    You may also want to start from Digital products such as eBooks, Software, Courses, and so on where there is no logistics even for the company delivering the service.

    But if you have a great physical product you can offer as an affiliate, still in most cases, the storage and shipment is not your responsibility. For more information, refer to the terms and conditions of the specific affiliate program you want to become part of.

    Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

    Q: What are the risks of doing Affiliate Marketing?

    Doing affiliate marketing is a business. No business comes with zero risk. But as you are not involved in the process of design, procurement, supplier management, production, servicing, and distribution, you have much less risk than in many other businesses.

    hink What you can think of as some of the risk you should be aware of are the following.

    Go through the terms of the affiliate marketing agreement offered by the company you want to work with. If you do not understand something in there, ask them about. 

    Try to start with reputable brands in their sector. Read also reviews from others in their affiliate network. Look also into what the final customers of product or service are saying about their experience.

    Think of the product or service that you are promoting. What kind of problem does it solve for the final user? Will you be happy to purchase and use it yourself? If not, then I believe it will be the same for your customers. If yes, then be bold and go out and promote the product. You are helping people by solving a problem of them using your product. Remember, selling is serving. Of course, when you solve a problem of your customer.

    Overall Rating


    Ease Of Use
    Value For Money

    I did build. YES!

    Using the methodology I used, I managed to build multiple Affiliate Marketing Businesses which operate for themselves without taking much of my time.

    Using Automations using Groove and other tools, I have managed to have multiple Affiliate agreement with various companies all managed using great software I use giving me time to enjoy what matters most.

    If you want to start the journey of becoming an Affiliate Marketter, Register using below links.

    How To Join Groove and learn Affiliate Marketing?

    That's super easy!

    Step 1: You should register for your free account on Groove's official website here >>

    Step 2: Send me a message to get the information about the free webinar on Affiliate Marketing Here (Registration Form) >>


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    So...What's The Catch?

    I know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something "too good to be true" for free, but then asks you to buy some additional product in order to fully utilize your freebie. Well, this isn't one of those websites, and I'm not going to stick you any program. I'm offering this because I genuinely want you to succeed with Groove and Affiliate Marketing, and take it's advantage to grow your business. 

    • You will learn how to build online businesses and wil be advocate of my methods and tools

    • You will learn to use Groove which I advocate for and use this great software to build your business

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    Recent Comments (3)

    Kane W.

    Groove has come a long way. You would love it. But you will hate if you learn on first of January that you have not got a lifetime license. Few issues here and there. But when is finalized later this year, it is going to be really a killer.

    Mike E.

    I have migrated most of my online business from Wix and couple of other platforms to Groove. There is a learning curve. But you soon realize everything you need is around. When they compelte the GrooveMail, I will start to save couple of hundred dollars a month, as I will move all my marketing funnels into Groove.

    Edward V.

    I am a teacher. I do provide assistance to people who have difficulty with learning. Building a complete online presence did cost me zero using Groove. I may or may not upgrade to the lifetime version. But I am so far happy with what I have built.

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